Bizmantools - Productivity: The Complete manufacturing management solution


Practical labour productivity management and many unique features for the aluminium and glass industry.

Bizmantools is suitable for all types of manufacturing companies and is already functioning in the Glass and Aluminium industry.

Some of the Features:

  • Built by John White
  •  Modular Design
  • New GUI Quotes screen
  •  Full Support
  •  Designed in South Africa
  • Monitor work flow
  •  Detailed Reports
  • Customisable

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Our first Glass & Aluminium client!

Govenders Aluminium Glass

About Company

BizManTools (previously called General Management Services – founded in 1992) is the consultancy business of John White, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
John is a mechanical engineer by training and has managed production facilities in many industry sectors….

What is Bizmantools ?

Technically, BMT – Productivity is a MRPII system (Manufacturing Resource Planning 2) designed to bring decision making information as close to the working end of the business as possible with a very strong emphasis on managing human productivity at all levels.

It is not modelled on classical MRPII systems and instead has been written from scratch to be an affordable positive influence for change in manufacturing businesses of any size.

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